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Date inspiration

You're reached this page which means you wish to meet me and would like some inspiration as to where to take your favourite ebony companion on a date. You can find some examples of idea I have for dates both unexplored yet intriguing and experiences I'd love to try again. I do love a dinner date, who does, but If you want to try something more adventurous let do it, If you haven't guessed it already I;m a thrill seeker.

Ideas of potential dates


FMTY: Santorini, Greece

FMTY: Maldives, South Asia

Boat ride
Art tour
Spa day
Wine tasting
Helicopter ride


Salsa dancing

My favourites


Dakota (MCR)

Cibo (MCR)

Portfolio (PRG)

Aromi (PRG)

Bruxx (PRG)

Bar and Books (PRG)

Groove (PRG)

Rosso (MCR)

Places to try together

The Ivy (MCR)

Le Gavroche (LDN)

Xier (LDN)

Galvin at windows (LDN)

Mana (MCR)

Piccolino (MCR)

Rhodes W1 (DXB)

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